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Ford Motor Company
my car comes from the great fo mo co
by Chimp August 15, 2003

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Have a shit, drop a turd, pinch a loaf, make a doo doo, evacuate ones bowels.
by Chimp August 15, 2003

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One who subscribes to the furry way.
I see you are dressed up as a buffdaddy.. that alarms me
by Chimp June 06, 2004

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See Bag Of Mashings
A mish mash, a sampling of all things in a given group. From the Deedeeish tongue prevalent in Barnsley, Yorks.
"I am gong to play queen, monkey bump and the whole bagamashings"
by Chimp August 30, 2006

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Regz: Doing somthing often.
I smoke bare weed on the regz!!!!
by Chimp October 12, 2003

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A car made of cheese, in which a wee mouse driver, complete with helmet, sits.
Escape to the cheese car!
by chimp October 20, 2003

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A human anal sex toy
In prison, Bubba made the new inmate his butt puppet.
by Chimp June 23, 2003

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