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An over priced pair of shoes made by Asian kids and sold to ghetto trash and wanna-be ghetto trash in the US and elsewhere. Typically purchased by people who can't remotely afford them and so are willing to make sacrifices (such as not feeding their kids, selling food stamps, etc.) to obtain them.

The possession of such footwear instills false feelings of superiority to those who don't have them, self worth, attractiveness and popularity. In all reality though, everyone knows the truth- you're just a moron who spent $180+ on a pair of shoes that you can't afford. The possession of these shoes has one annoying draw back- next month there is a new pair coming out that said moron has to get because the pair they just bought are now considered to be old.
Brian: Shi'thead over there just bought those new Air Jordans.

Bob: Ah, no wonder his kids are begging for food in the streets.

Brian: They're already considered to be old. A new pair is coming out in two weeks so the whole miserable process will repeat itself here shortly.
by Chester B. Arthur May 31, 2009

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The motorized wheelchair shopping cart that gigantically fat people use at the grocery store because they are to fat and lazy to walk.
I spent two hours setting up a soup display at work and then suddenly some lard ass wrecked into it with a fatmobile.
by chester B. Arthur November 30, 2008

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NAFA stands for National Association of Fat Asses. This is a group of lard buckets who advocate the changing of conditions to accommodate extreme fatness such as forcing a struggling airline company to allow lardos to occuppy 3 seats for the price of one and giving more access to fatmobiles at stores.
Bob: NAFA is campaigning to force airlines to allow Jumbo Jimbo over there to only have to pay for one seat although he takes up three. They say it's unfair.

Brian: Maybe the airline should refer to their current policy as a fat tax.
by Chester B. Arthur June 19, 2009

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A disgustingly fat person who (usually while eating a salad) makes a comment about the unhealthiness of something you are eating.

I was trying to enjoy my hamburger but Lena kept talking about all the fat and carbs it contained while shoveling pile after pile of salad in her mouth. That bitch has a lot of nerve- she weighs 425. She's such a fatocrite.
by chester B. Arthur April 28, 2009

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a game guys play in which they walk around with half-filled water bottles which they use to hit other players in their junk when they are not paying attention. They must yell "COCK WHACK!" for it to count.
As I stood there staring at a nice pair of tits, my moment of peace was interrupted by an immense pain coming from my groin as a water bottle smacked into it. As I collapsed to the ground holding my agonizing manhood, I heard Nick yell, "COCK WHACK!".
by chester b. arthur February 01, 2011

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term ghetto trash use for air jordans
Ghetto trash: Hey man, my new j's cost more than everything you have on.

Non-retarded person: In the words of George Carlin, "BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS! Blow it out your ass, blow it out your ass, blow it out your ass, blow it out your ass".
by chester b. arthur March 30, 2011

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