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Said when your bored and you want to talk with someone who is also bored, filler.
What are you doing?

What are you doing?
by Cheez March 22, 2003

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a car that is really junky, missing one or both of its rear-view mirrors, has hail damage to the unth degree or is missing more that half of its original parts. usually a honda civic, chevy nova, or a geo metro.
"Hey JP, you really have one hell of a ghettomobile!"
by Cheez December 15, 2004

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An experience received after kissing a girl who sucked one of your buddies dicks
Hey Morgan, how did my discktaste last night?
by Cheez February 07, 2003

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the l33t3r way of saying uber, sorta sounds like fubar but its Ubar
OMG, did you see the way I smacked that bitch with the end of my shotgun? UBAR!
by Cheez March 22, 2003

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completely addicting games which take over your life, make you antisocial, and, in a worse case scenario, end up with a 30 year old playing the games whenever they have a free moment.
Eliminates possibility of getting any work done at all.
Commonly sexual, even if it's Harry Potter roleplaying.
I had to give up roleplaying because it was taking over my life like a huge purple monster.
by Cheez March 23, 2004

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CHEEZ IS MY LIFE.....ALL HAIL CHESUS.cheez is the shit man...who the FUCK is a fucking pie lover here?..you are? THY SHALT BURN IN HELLZ.
Chesus LoVES cheez
by cheez April 04, 2004

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The pwnest player in gamer universe =D. Me.
I am Cheez, all your deaths are belong to me.
by Cheez March 22, 2003

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