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Normally women of a mature age out having fun who wouldn't even be bothered with some of the lowlife scum.
Hey shes a milf, no shes stale meat, still I bet she wouldn't touch you with a forty foot barge pole.
by CheckMate October 1, 2012
"Hi" in Arabic. You could say "ASSALAMU ALAIKUM" as well
A: Salam.
B: Alikum Al Salam.
by CheckMate January 31, 2007
An unexpected turn of events usually involving personality changes
Hannah Montana to current day miley. 'Miley is on the next level of salty porridge I don't fancy that shitzzel for my breakfast
by CheckMate September 27, 2015
Popular song by Harry Styles about the pleasure of vaginal/clitoral oral sex.
Imma eat up some of that sweet watermelon sugar!
by CheckMate October 15, 2020
a person that uses superior logic and reasoning skills (instead of physical intimidation) to bully an unwilling party into doing something
"I outsmarted her into lending me Modern Family Season 1 on DVD, when she really didn't want to. Does that make me a cerebrully?"
by CheckMate August 21, 2012