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The exquisite pain of loving someone unattainable.
"Was I addicted to the pain, the exquisite pain, of loving someone so unattainable?"
by Charlotte June 08, 2004

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Pirates are a sea fearing folk, oft to be seen pilaging, raping, murdering, or commiting other acts of piracy. They usually own a monkey, parrot, or sexy wench.
Yo, did you see those pirates totally kick ninja ass? Sweet.
by Charlotte January 01, 2004

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verb. To flee from an awkard situation or boring lecture. Usually involves crossing in front of others or in some other way disturbing the peace and making an ass of onesself.
He pulled out the powerpoint presentation; that was my signal to ripcord.
by Charlotte April 21, 2005

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Soemone who looks like a monkey. A total jesuslover and a disgrace to his country. Someone who should have lost to John Kerry.
"I believe that, one day, the human being and the fish will coexist in peace." He actually said that.
by Charlotte May 07, 2005

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the absolute desire to become a colombian
charlotte: dude, emily, when are we getting those colombian fake id's?
emily: man i dont know, we have been waiting for months, i have tootal colombian fever..
by charlotte July 03, 2004

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Uber amazing people, with a very GOOD fashion sense and a chilled out sense of humor :) They can come in many shapes and sizes, the majority hate townies, except people like me who don't really care and can't be bothered to waste energy on usless battles.
Contrary to popular belife, moshas' do wash and can cut their hair (sometimes they even spike and dye it! WOW!!)They also wash their clothes and change them on a regular basis, tehy also change their underwear wash themselves and comb their hair, and also brush their teeth!! Suprised? Don't be :-p.
Townie/chav : Oi you, dickhead! Fucking spliff smoking moshhead, you starting? Go home an get a fuckin wash u fuckin cunt!
Mosha:**thinks is moshhead meant to insult me? i am a mosha after all** Ummm right, bye
by Charlotte February 04, 2004

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A Whack Attack is when someone or something causes you frustration, mystifies you, disrupts your train of thought or simply makes you want to freak out.
Your stupidity gives me whack attacks.
by Charlotte February 09, 2005

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