A heavily armored ship used in WW1/WW2-era and had over 12-inch Weaponry.

Also- why is this website sex-related and full of perverts?
Fuck the ejaculate on face game.
P1: hey want to go on a tour on Missouri?
P2: Fuck yeah!
P3: I'm in for sure!

by Gomazi the robot May 7, 2022
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(v.) To vomit and defecate simultaneously, or near-simultaneously, as is often seen with food poisoning. So called because real life battleships often fire guns from both ends or both sides.
After I ate that bad Chinese food, I was battleshipping like a fiend for most of the next day.
by Inox March 16, 2004
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A) A horizontally significant woman.
B) A female who is wider than she is tall.
C) Female weighing in at +250lbs.
Thats not a girlfriend, bud... Thats a Battleship!
by J1012 November 25, 2010
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Two or more men jerking off before sleep with lights out, aiming to hit each other with ejaculations.

Stealth Battleship is playing the game while everyone is asleep.
Before sleeping we play battleship, last night Mike made a direct hit in Jorge's eye.
by InjenBuilder9 December 16, 2009
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Two guys masturbate while facing each other. Both guys simultaneously ejaculate on each other causing a blast and splash.
Bobby and his lover like to battleship once and awhile after a hard days work.
by Idontthinkso February 18, 2014
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