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Officer Frank Tenpenny of the Los Santos Police Department is a lying, cheating, murdering little mark-ass bitch! If you see this motherfucker, this sorry-ass, motherfucking mark-ass bitch, punk, trick, busta, fool then do me a favour and pop a cap in his bitch ass! This fool has caused nothing but trouble for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas star Carl Johnson...
1. Frank Tenpenny is a mark-ass bitch!
2. If any of y'all see Tenpenny, dump on that fool!
3. Officer Frank Tenpenny is one corrupt cop!
by Carl Johnson December 10, 2004
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Something you might call someone in a moment of extreme anger, and are probably about to blast on them! Its also what the GTA: San Andreas character "OG Loc" calls Lazlow during a radio interview.
You down? You mark-ass bitch, punk, trick, busta, fool!!
by Carl Johnson August 6, 2005
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one who fucks mothers. especially their girlfriend or best friends mother.
Billy is a muthafuker because he fucked Kelly's Mom
by Carl Johnson February 17, 2005
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27 year old Comoton Rapper. His most recent record label is Aftermath. Most recent albun Damn and all the people that hate him can suck a dick
Fagget 1:Hey did you hear the new Kendrick Lamar song?
Fagget 2:Who is he that faggit from Black Hippy?
by Carl Johnson June 2, 2017
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Big Smoke is a lard ass motherfucker who sold out his hood and his homies in Grove Street! He's also a bit crazy, too many drugs went to his head or something. If you see this fool (he's easy to spot, just look for the heavy-ass cheeseburger-eating motherfucker blocking out the sun), you best dump on him.
1. Damn, Big Smoke is so fat, he takes up three seats when he goes to see a movie!
2. Hey Big Smoke, lemme get a swallow of that liquor!
3. I cant believe Big Smoke sold out Grove Street!
by Carl Johnson January 23, 2005
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Shooting people. Firing guns at people, possibly in a drive-by shooting, or on foot.
Homie #1: I was blastin' on fools today! They came into the hood disrespecting, but they didnt know I was strapped!

Homie #2: If they were fools, then why you bother blastin' on 'em? Doesnt that make you a fool too?
by Carl Johnson August 5, 2005
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