He's blastin' up a fool!
by Simon Wentworth January 25, 2005
Blastin' - the art of shnafting aka sniffin'(usually a powdered substance)
Guy: You blastin' tonite?
Guy2: Fo' sho
by jhukuh January 27, 2005
1. Of music: having a particularly heavy bassline or pounding beat, in any genre.

2. Firing your weapon indiscriminately and at full auto, full power, etc.

3. Opening safes using explosives.
1. Damn, this tune is blastin'

2. They're blastin' us sir!

3. We'll drag the safe out then go blastin'
by Steve November 19, 2003
example: "Where's Chris?"
"Chris is in the bathroom blastin' a dook. They'll be out in a bit."
by SenorDickbutt May 28, 2020
Shooting people. Firing guns at people, possibly in a drive-by shooting, or on foot.
Homie #1: I was blastin' on fools today! They came into the hood disrespecting, but they didnt know I was strapped!

Homie #2: If they were fools, then why you bother blastin' on 'em? Doesnt that make you a fool too?
by Carl Johnson August 6, 2005
To penetrate a woman from the doggystyle position with vengence and fury, causing the ass cheeks to clap together. known to cause loud moaning.
First guy: Ay, did ol' girl come by yo room last night?
Second guy: Who? Ashley?
First guy: Naw, man. Becky.
Second guy: Oh, yeah..when you called me last night I didnt answer cuz i was blastin cheeks.
by my nigga fatboy July 24, 2008
When one masturbates for over an hour while taking a shower.
I wasn't able to go into the bathroom for over an hour because my roommate was Coca Blastin all over the shower.
by Tom Mcfillihan I February 10, 2009