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Writing increasingly sexy messages back and forth using facebook, or a similar social networking site, as a medium.
The facebook foreplay was hot, but in person it just wasn't there.
by cammie B April 13, 2009

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A republican who is very quick to blame all of the United State's current economic, social, health care, international standing, and military problems on President Barack Obama, conveniently forgetting the past 8 years of failed policies that brought us to this point.
After posting how she wanted her "change" back Kara was determined to be a bushnesiac.
by Cammie B March 25, 2009

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An enjoyable evening spent alone where one treats themselves as if they were their own date.
I love Me Dates; no awkward conversation, I always enjoy the company, and I put out.
by Cammie B July 08, 2009

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Dating above your level of hotness, intelligence, economic stature, or overall likability.
David Spade is constantly updating.

by Cammie B February 02, 2009

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A spontaneous eruption of Barack Obama enthusiasm and hope similar to an ejaculation. Often followed by a smile and a good night's sleep knowing that time spent with a Bush is over for a while.
I experienced a Barackulation on Tuesday January 20th during the inauguration.
by Cammie B January 18, 2009

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The practice of sending provocative text messages between exes. Generally begins innocently enough and escalates to sexting. Ends with one or both people needing to delete their sent and incoming text messages.
"You going to the bar tonight?"

"Nah, I am kind of tired, I will probably stay in and sext with an ex instead."
by Cammie B September 23, 2009

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Driving closely behind a car as to see what they are watching on their car DVD players.
I was telegating the whole drive, but at least I got to see the entire movie.
by Cammie B January 10, 2009

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