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A historic weapon that was mounted upon ships in the mid 18th century. Used commonly by pirates and even the British Navy at one point, in an effort to counter the pirates advanced weaponry. The "Gatter" is a canon designed to shoot wooden-barrels that would shatter upon contact, sending wood shrapnel speeding in all directions. The barrels were filled with turtles. The purpose of the turtles was to make the ground on the ships near impossible to walk on, however, the turtles shot everywhere much like the wood shards did.
First Mate: "Black Beard sir, they're everywhere!"
by Captain Science July 07, 2012
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noun meaning alcohol/a drink. can also be used as a verb, to gatter (to drink) and an adjective, gattered (drunk)
gatterhead: im bare gattered
other gatterhead: isit, buy me a gatter then?
gatterhead: yeh get your gatter on!
other gatterhead: GATTER BE BARE
by gatterbebare November 14, 2011
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1. Term for alcohol of any assortment commonly used by underage drinkers, who get older people to get them served.

Commonly used in Kent.
Yeh boi get us some gatter chav.
wot gatter you got?
wot gatter we getting?
by Pipey Magraw March 11, 2006
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To shoot the shit out of someone, stab someone or just fuck someone up... like covering them in shit like stamps.
What blad?! I will gatter you fool!
by Shimit and Morgage October 10, 2006
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A pig. A man who has sex with women on a regular basis, only to never call them again, while doing anything possible to degrade them verbally or physically.
Dude, your such a Gatter, I can't believe you took that girl back to your place and sent her home in the same night.
by Guelph 13 November 01, 2009
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A name for a fat or chubby ginger person originating from Medway, England. Commonly pronounced 'Gatta'
(gatter walks past) 'GATTER!'
by Nicki Sab Lackman January 30, 2014
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