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Statement said when someone does not agree with your opinion. Meaning that even though they don't like it you do.
1: Look at that car there it's rockin!
2: No it's not.
1: Well, to each his own.
by Cactus September 04, 2004

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The Shit Monster From Hell Which Arises From Your Toliet. As Seen In Kevin Smith's Film DOMGA.
1: Holy Shit It's Golgothan!
2: No Shit!
1: I Shit You Not.
2: Flee!
by Cactus July 09, 2004

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To Chodel:
One who attempts to yodel whilst gobbling down on a chode
b:you are a fucking Chodeler!
by Cactus January 07, 2004

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An un-used area of the brain unreachable by the conscious mind. Stephen King wrote the novel "Dead Zone" in which the lead character John Smith falls into a coma following a car accident. When awakeningen five years later, he finds the accident has activated his dead zone and he is now able to see glimpses of the future. The "dead zone" (with or without supernatural function) is probably King's fictional invention.
The book has been filmed and made into a tv series.
by Cactus September 06, 2003

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A single white man which posseses ancent Assyrian powers in which he can use to manipulate women into thinking he is a Attractive male.
Man, this guy's like eyeareque. Ya did you see how he lured in all those Asian chicks? Ya he kind of reminded me of a jamski. Hope he doesnt get a asian invasion
by cactus January 29, 2004

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Medical procedure:
Used to alter the demeanor and behavior of the chronic fucking asshole
Both hands are wrapped firmly around the assholes neck and then shaken vigorously.
Shouting commands of “SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!” is optional.
Physician: “please hold still you fucking asshole while I give you a Chokheotomy”
Asshole: “a what-Ggggggghhhhhhrrrggggggllll……..
by Cactus January 07, 2004

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To run away suddenly. To leave in a fast manner.
The cops busted down the door, and I belted out the back door.
by Cactus January 04, 2004

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