3 definitions by CRAssboy

when a supposed expert repeats common knowledge as if it were inner sanctum shit.
an astrologist saying "now, Virgo is between Leo and Libra, covering most of September." 101-101 brain boy!
by CRAssboy August 27, 2009
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A Karaoke Jockey; an inevitable phenomenon quickly turning itself into both hobby and vocation in bars across the world.
Man! Ever since Karen Sue became the new K.J. I love singing "I walk the line" she really knows how to make me sound like Johnny Cash!
by CRAssboy November 4, 2009
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Falling off the wagon. Returning to a lifestyle you don't want but can't seem to stop living.
He swore he'd sober up if I wouldn't leave him, but I was like 'Sure, and this is your fifth trip to rehabituation!'

She left the last guy for beating her, and now she's with an even bigger jerk! This chick's in some serious rehabituation.
by CRAssboy September 27, 2009
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