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It means that you agree with what someone is talking to you about. Or it can mean "yes", or "of course".
Reggie: "Nigga, you took my collard greens off that stove?"

Billy: "All ready. Shit, you finna fix me a bowl now ain't cha?"

Reggie: "Hell naw 'ole Samuel L. Jackson looking ass nigga!!"
by C.E.O. December 2, 2006
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This word means someone who looks dirty, or they stank. Hair is not done, clothes are dirty, teeth aint brushed,etc. This word can also mean someone who thinks that they look good, but they dont.
C.E.O. "Oh wee, there goes Big Bertha with all them tight-ass clothes on. She's got some nerve, thinkin' she looking all good with all them stomachs hangin' out!"

Billy: " Shit,that's yo girl over there, looking a hot mess!!

C.E.O. " She took all that time in the mirror, thinkin she da shit, she aint nothing but a hot mess!"
by C.E.O. December 2, 2006
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- ghetto term meaning that you agree with what someone says (see all ready,uh huh).
Andrea: " You ready to go to the Astros game?"

Jordyn: " Fa' sho. Just need to put my shoes on, then we out!"
by C.E.O. December 2, 2006
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Another word from da hood, meaning,"Ok" or "alrighty then."
C.E.O. " Well, Jap, guess i'll hit you up when you get back, so we can go handle that."

Jasper: " Fa' sho. That's wazzup.

C.E.O. "Already".
by C.E.O. December 2, 2006
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Another word for a female sucking cock. " Oh baby, give me some skull!!" It's the same thing as saying give me some head, or give me some brain. Cock-sucking words are great!!
Man, last night, I met this bitch at the club, and we went and got a drink, then went and sat in a booth. Then, oh my, she pulled out my pen** and gave me skull, right in the damn club!! No lie!!
by C.E.O. December 2, 2006
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This word means that you agree with someone, (see all ready). Origin derived from a weird fella I work with. The unique spin to this is how you say, " Uh huh." The guy at work sounds like Elvis when he says it, so it adds to the effect of how you say the word. Just about everyone I know uses this phrase. Most commonly used to agree with something without having to go into detail about what you are agreeing to.
Polley the Drunk Parrot: "Johnny, did you get your ugly blue demin suit from the cleaners today?"

John C. (Sounding like Elvis) "Uh huh. Now, shut up Polley before I pluck your feathers and deep fry yo ass in some old ass bacon grease!!"

Polley the Drunk Parrot: "Get some bigger pants, toughguy, and before I go, i'll say this: 'Bottle of Pearl, please."
by C.E.O. December 2, 2006
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