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bi-tch fest Used in overly dramatic and preppy situations. Used to scare and frighten members of the opposite or same sex. Can sometimes be referred to as a bf
A: Oh my freaking god, I'm gonna have a BF!" *Antsy movements and fit approaching*
by Bunny March 25, 2005
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An embarassingly bad joke. Often demonstrated during wedding or 18th/21st Birthday Speeches.
Situation: You've just had a hair cut.
Dad Joke: What happened to you son? Had a run-in with a lawn mower?!
by Bunny January 20, 2004
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1. cheater, compulsive liar, manipulator. Somebody who cannot keep their zipper up at the sight of a female. (used in describing an ex-partner)

2. a dazed and confused individual.
I broke up with his ass because he was a wajoy.
by Bunny February 20, 2004
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the tox is taco bell
yo, lets go to the tox
by Bunny March 31, 2005
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splicing of pomo (postmodern) and motherfucker (mofo)
by Bunny December 3, 2004
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From the small town of Winchester, VA. An effectionate name for one who is, or dresses like a skank/hoe/slut. never to be confused with prostitute.
You look especially skankalanky today.
by Bunny March 18, 2005
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Person who beleives strongly in god, non brainwashed. Does not have to pay any money to the church. The money is donated. Usually kind, Sweet people, mostly. not brainwashed. clean cut, live modest lives. Polygamy existed many years ago. as did catholic religions. mormons don't have to follow the guildines laid out for them. So fuck you bitches.
I hope people realize that mormons are just regular people
by Bunny March 19, 2005
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