33 definitions by bunny

A typo for wow, that is intentionally used in certain situations. Such as being sarcastic or really intrigued.
bunny: I like cheese
andythps: mmm
hatred: eoe
by bunny September 4, 2004
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Hairy cooter, reminiscent of 70's porn like Debbie Does Dallas; see chewbacca twat.
All the chicks in Debbie Does Dallas have cooterfro.
by bunny September 15, 2004
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a lovable buffon who makes lots of mistakes. Sort of like a klutz but only verbally. Ususally only pertains to foreigners.
"doink. Thats not how you use that word."
by bunny November 14, 2003
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splicing of pomo (postmodern) and motherfucker (mofo)
by bunny December 3, 2004
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the sound hellcat makes when his brain shuts down after he's been verbally bested.
Hellcat, Helos pwzned you!

by bunny November 14, 2003
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"You pimp flea!",exclaimed Stephanie.
by bunny March 8, 2005
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infamous computer repair geek residing on a college campus, usually asks for payment.
In her graverobbing, Bunny ganked the CD drive out of Dan the dyslexic wej's laptop and kept it for nearly a month; the Squirrely Wratch finally made her give it back,though.
by bunny April 7, 2005
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