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A clitoral hood piercing that enhances female pleasure during sexual activity. Guys, this is the straight shit here, if your woman wants one, say yes. You won't be disappointed, and more importantly, neither will she.
Girl 1: I got a hoody today, and my boyfriend wants to see it.

Girl 2: Nice, mind if I borrow it sometime?

Girl 1: Not that kind of hoody

Girl 2: Not that kind of...ohh, THAT kind of hoody?

Girl 1: <smiles>
by Bulldog6 April 11, 2010
beat/beating the living hell out of somebody, either physically, or mentally

also known as "kick the shit out of"
Look at me like that again and I'll go medieval all over your ass.
by Bulldog6 October 25, 2008
A very polite way of calling someone a liar after they tell you something that you know is utter bullshit.
Man #1: I saw Elvis at the 711 this afternoon.

Man #2: Yeah, tell me another one.

Man #1: No, I really did see Elvis.

Man #2: If you say so.
by Bulldog6 December 27, 2008
loud exultation used when the outcome was in doubt and just turned your way, frequently used by (but not restricted to)sports fans, athletes, and announcers.

When used by victorious competitors it's meaning becomes "I own your ass!"
Tiger Woods anxiously watching an extremely long put heading towards the cup.


Tiger: YES!!
by Bulldog6 October 16, 2005
any woman who picks her boyfriends based on how much money they have, or make; in other words a money grubbing slut.
Dude 1: Heard you asked Trina out last week.

Dude2: Yeah, asked me if I owned my own home. I said "No", she said "wrong answer", and that I was "too poor".

Dude1: Whoa! That's harsh.

Dude2: Yeah, that bitch is a total mercenary. Thinks her pussy's made of gold.
by Bulldog6 September 14, 2009
Past tense of when you or someone else has been ditched, dumped, or otherwise "kicked to the curb".
Dude 1: Sheila dumped me last Saturday.

Dude 2: That's harsh man.

Dude 1: No shit. I got curbed and she didn't even give me a reason.
by Bulldog6 September 8, 2009
someone so utterly stupid that you're amazed that they even know how to breathe.
You voted for Bush? What the fuck kind of moronasaurus are you?
by Bulldog6 October 7, 2006