179 definitions by Bryn Benn

bugger minda; means fuck me, spastic. I'm a stupid loser. It's self diagnosed or determined. When you've done the wrong thing you might use it.
Otto, buger minda, where are my keys at? Oh bugger minda, there about to drop the nuclear bomb, oh nuts.
by Bryn Benn March 28, 2020
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Building Block Solutions : is an 'intellectual property' protection agency. It's also a possible promotional name for idea support.

It's automatically applied and reserves your rights. *No cost to you.

It's only intellectual property itself at this point.
Building Block Solutions is a technicality you could argue.

Initially insighted by klink.link
by Bryn Benn April 18, 2020
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Caspitard; is the last turn and run of a journey.
Caspitard can be seen as'the point of no return', as well as the last junction before conclusion.
by Bryn Benn March 28, 2020
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Cc Mantra - Conatavitaya Contivita when chanted, clears your mind enabling you to stay focused on the task at hand
If we all use chant the Cc mantra, we might be able to assure a prosperous future for all. Importantly to stay focused.
by Bryn Benn April 04, 2020
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Cold jar codgers are people who have had there own children.
The baby boomer generation are 'Cold jar codgers'.
by Bryn Benn April 10, 2020
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Cold turkey fat slapper ; is a girl, usually a lesbian, who uses a turkey baster to try get pregnant.
OH well, did the Cold turkey fat slapper ask you for some cum?
by Bryn Benn May 11, 2020
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Comp Prog :is a short version of computer programming.

SX© world order ; an astronautical sales P/L company (platforming.gov.sx) required∆
*System check code UN#SXOPEQP.
6 confirmation complete 9
2459028 request notation advise...........∆
**Request publication publicly "confirm"
by Bryn Benn April 14, 2020
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