A person, who is in the Fire, EMS, or Police service, or one who badly wants to be apart of such service. A wacker always has the latest gear, the "coolest" shirts and plenty of stickers on his car. Wackers often overdoo everything, such as lights, sirens, or expensive equipement. These items are almost always paid out-of-pocket, as no organization can justify that much wasted spending. Wackers are most commonly between the agest of 14 and 30, and are usually trying to show off to others, how "cool" they are for being a Firefighter, EMT, Police officer, or for wanting to be one of the above. A Wacker can often be found with their radio turned way up, so that everyone can hear it from a mile radius, or sitting around their local headquarters trying to catch any scrap of action going on in any of the surrouding districts.
"Hey look at that kid with his saturn, he joined the fire department last week and now he has a lightbar and stickers all over it, what a wacker!!"
by S. Santa August 31, 2006
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Someone who straps their phone playing a police scanner under their headset.
Kamil was being a wacker yesterday!
by TGNH09 December 11, 2019
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A wacker is a person who cannot rap or is just really bad a rapping, they have no flow or they are just a terrible rapper in general.
"Lil yachty is such a wacker bro"
"Yea i agree he is shit at rapping"
by blackniggathe3rd October 5, 2017
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A Wacker is a pal (friend) from Liverpool, England.
"Hello my old wacker" or can be abreviated to "Hi Wack"
by Janz July 5, 2005
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Look at that wacker. He's too good to live in the hood. Talks like a nerd, walks like a nerd and wearing dockers?!!?
by Fukinawork January 4, 2011
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Did you see Ted? He's 31 and just installed Linux for the very first time. What an effin wacker.
by LOLOLOLcatz March 20, 2016
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A fire-person who is overly enthusiastic about the fireservice.
For example the guy with way too many blue lights on his truck or the guy who always wears gay fire shirts.
by Ryan March 30, 2004
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