U noob cuz u sirched this
by May 19, 2021
Me: ur mom es gay
Thou: no u noob
Me: that doesn't work, I am too powerful
Thou: oh no i died
by bobthe1rst October 23, 2019
A 7-year-old's comeback.
*kills 7 years old in minecraft 1v1*
7-year-old: HACKS, FUCK U NOOB
by 7 Year Old Spazzy Kid March 4, 2017
Phrase used to classify someone as "The Noob." May or may not be used as a compliment. May also be used in conjunction with the phrase "no u." Phrase can be used as a rebuttal statement towards someone as well.
Person 1: "lol i pwn"

Person 2: "u r the noob."

Person 1: "NO U R THE NOOB!"
by Francis Numan October 20, 2009
Used to point out when one has failed or is making choices that someone inexperienced with the activity would make.
John: Dude! I just accidentally deleted my entire college résumé!

by Roy Grey November 6, 2009