6 definitions by Britpop Girl

Super sexy,really handsome motherfucker with ego problems and anger management issues,pretty cringe,loves britpop,simps for a cheese lover and wants liam gallagher to be their waifu.actually me.
1weird_chicken1 is a member of psd,her name is sometimes britpop girl.
by Britpop Girl January 7, 2022
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The sexiest man alive,sadly a tory,leg eater (dumbass),and cheesemaker/bassist of the amazing band blur.
Jake:why won't you love me babe???
you:sorry ,I'm in love with a middle-aged british cheesemaker,and you're definitely not my type of man (aged and british)

alex james (needed to put it here)
by Britpop Girl January 9, 2022
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Not the bloody dicks,just a bunch of handsome people:a supergroup made by Tom Petty,George Harrison,Bob Dlylan,Jeff Lyne and Roy Orbison.
person 1-wtf bro they're bloody penises?
person 2-no you coward the Travelling Wilburys are like super handsome and really good musicians
by Britpop Girl January 7, 2022
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stands for "plasma security division" stop looking at other definitions you coward,it's a roblox group.
yeah,PSD's great,good waste of time really.
by Britpop Girl January 7, 2022
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porklife,perklife,parkloif,sexlife,pinrklif,barflife or whatever you call it (or distort it) it's always good to put at the end of any Russel Brand text.

Noel Gallagher did so,and even if you don't like big potato boy,you gotta do it too.
Russel Brand: “I couldn't possibly have sex with someone with such a slender grasp on grammar!”
by Britpop Girl January 9, 2022
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