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Britpop is indie pop music that came out of the UK in the the 90s, key word here THE NINTIES. These bands had a distinct pop style with very british lyrics. The two best examples of Britpop I can think of are Pulp and Blur. If you want to know more about britpop download the song Parklife by Blur or Babies by Pulp.
Britpop bands include:
Blur, Pulp, Supergrass, Oasis, The Verve, Suede, Elastica, Stereophonics.

Bands that are no where near britpop and I have no idea why morons think they are britpop:
Muse (progressive rock), The Beatles (rock), The Jam (mod rock)
by Urban Dictionary September 26, 2005
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A mostly mid 1990's style of British music that began with Suede's release of "Suede". It was greatly influenced by late 80's Madchester and Post-Madchester bands such as The Stone Roses, The Happy Mondays, The Charlatans UK and others. They also have very heavy The Smiths influence, along with roots in 60's style British Rock, and British Traditional Rock. Also, the rock magazine NME used to love them. Some early 2000's bands are Britpop like, but aren't at the height of the movement.
Blur, Oasis, Pulp, Supergrass, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, Manic Street Preachers, Mercury Rev, (the London) Suede. Look out--- That band is Britpop!
by Jurg May 30, 2005
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A great genre of british alternative rock in the nineties. Made popular by bands suede and blur in the begining. Most britpop bands main influences are the beatles,the smiths,and the stone roses. U.s. Reconition started with blurs album leisure in 1991.Then latter in 1994 oasis released definently maybe and blur released parklife which started the battle of britpop mainly in the u.k. Though. Blur had a more sucsessful single won the battle. But in 1996 what's the story mourning glory came out kicked blurs asses. In 1997 britpop died because oasis be here now album was mediocre camparred to there other albums. This lead blur lead singer to say fuck britpop and release a self titiled album that nothing to do with britpop. It had one the greatest songs of the nineties song 2. That was influenced by american alternative rock.people seem to confused with was brit pop.radiohead not britpop,the verve post-britpop.with britpop dead came post-britpop. Good thing post-punk/garage rock revival came out cause post-britpop wayyy to soft.
Brit1: I wish oasis album be here now didn't suck cause here's post-britpop. Brit2: yeah cause coldplay and the verve are to soft and radioheads to boring.
by sage thunder March 19, 2010
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A genre of nineties British music. Not actually as poppy as the name suggests, it's a form of alternative/indie rock, often heavily influenced by The Smiths and/or David Bowie. Often male singers, but certainly not always. Look at Elastica. (despite the fact that I hate Justine Frischmann, I have to admit they are a good band.) Usually the singer will have a pronounced British (duh) accent.

Britpop bands include Oasis, Suede, (one of the best bands ever despite the fact that they never made it big in the US. Much better songs than Blur. A much better singer than Blur. Generally better than Blur in my opinion. And Blur are good.) Elastica, Blur etc.
My mother: What is that awful noise?? Are you playing various Britpop bands of the nineties again and dancing and screaming in your room with two other friends who are also obsessed with Brett Anderson?
Me: YES!
by Drowner April 06, 2009
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a genre of music encompasses the last few decades .. notable bands include; the smiths, stone roses, happy mondays, black grape and recently the band kasabian for example .. its sound is beat driven, with intelligent lyrics and still catchy enough for the masses
that english sound is brit pop
by metro anthony January 19, 2006
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Good BRITISH (hint in the name!) music that wasn't cover versions or sad little boy bands trying to dance, proper music proper bands. Well, that's generally. Then there's Blur.
by Canny December 06, 2003
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Oasis, Oasis, Oasis, Oasis.
elvis is almost as good as britpop
by bob February 04, 2004
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