if you save it as a psd, you'll be able to edit all the layers if you open it again later on.
by homi_yourself October 22, 2008
Post Show Disorder: A terrible ailment that affects every thespian, techie, and theatre member the weeks (and months) following closing night of the show. Symptoms include:
-incessant sobbing
-showing up for non-existant rehearsal
-using quotes from the show in conversation and crying
-eating and bawling in the fetal position
-and so on
We had such a great cast and crew, and I CRY EVERYDAY because I know the show's over. PSD has really hit me hard. SOBSOBSOB
by nutellacat December 8, 2011
It means Poor, Smart, and a Desire to be rich. This word originated from the Goldman Sachs culture when their corporate philosophy is to hire people who are consider "PSD" types so that they always hire the best talent from Universities. Goldman felt that a person with these qualities will perform the best at their job.
GS Managing Director: I interview about 5 candidates today for the analyst position, but only 1 candidate stood out as I feel he is the PSD type.

2nd GS MD: Well if that is the case, then hire that person because I only work with PSDs.
by Yuppy931 May 19, 2011
acronym for post shower dump. this occurs when you have to take a shit directly after taking a shower.
"i had another PSD yesterday. talk about being counter-productive."
by JDIBS October 7, 2011
Nown acronym for Penile Supplementation Device Usually describes a vehicle driven by a male that has been so modified to ridiculousness that it most certainly makes up for what isn't between the driver's legs.
PSD's include jacked up trucks with more chrome than a Harley shop, gass guzzilng vehicles NO person living in a city needs, complete with truck balls hanging from the trailer hitch. Or a riced out 3 grand car that has had 40 grand spent on it to make it sound like someone's blender on the kitchen cabinet
by Littlehawke August 23, 2010
If you save the image in a psd file it will take less time to save it.
by Oliviaashley September 18, 2006
PSD or Post-Springfest Disorder is a common ailment that is native to Union College in Schenectady, Ny. It commonly affects college students and that one old cleaning lady. The symptoms are fatigue, headache, and massive hang overs after 24 consecutive hours of insane fun, moshing, and alcohol consumption.
Man this sucks, class starts back up tomorrow, and I have such a horrible headache. It must be a wicked case of PSD.
by his grace May 13, 2008