A roblox group is like in other online games a clan where other people can meet each other in-game or play with each other games (like hosting events). In roblox you can create a group for 100 Robux and then you can give it a name and make a description. You can also create ranks there but each new rank costs 25 robux. Don't worry, you will start with 3 ranks that you can rename.
At Roblox Group Recruiting Plaza:

Recruiter: Hey! Do you want to join my group?

Group Finder: Sure, what's the name of it?

Recruiter: The group name is ..........

Group Finder: Alright! I will join it.
by HazmatChiefAlsimi May 1, 2018
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A group inside of Roblox that calls itself a military, and operates like one (used loosely, very disorganized compared to ACTUAL militaries). Examples could include The Red Army, Roblox Assault Team, Chaos Legion (barely), etc. Look at Fandom for an actual list of some.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear that Da Hood got raided?

Person 2: Yeah, I think a Roblox Military Group did it, maybe the Chaos Legion.
by Manovisor March 13, 2023
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ROBLOX YouTubers Group, (RYG), is the largest content creator group on Roblox. RYG has helped many people have a community for Roblox YouTube help, support, and friends. RYG allows all channel sizes to join; It has a range of members from brand new channels to very popular Roblox channels. RYG is currently owned by ItsBreOfficial on Roblox.
"Thanks to ROBLOX YouTubers Group, I've really been able to get my channel growing!"
by robloxn00b September 13, 2019
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ROBLOX war groups are ran by teenagers who takes ROBLOX way to serious. If you join a ROBLOX war group you are expected to make NO mistakes or you WILL be punished. You are required to be in a discord server after joining, and must be 13+. Sometimes they do a google form application for a certain role, for a roblox game. You must be professional in the application like applying for a real life job, or you no get accepted. Most high ranks are toxic af, or take this a joke. I suggest you DO NOT join one, as it is a bad experience.
Person 1: Aren’t Roblox War Groups gay?
Person 2: Yeah dude worst part of ROBLOX
by Somepersonthatexists March 9, 2021
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These groups range from trash all the way to not that bad. These groups always have those ads which show "Fighting" or some military guy with a gun and some text like "Fight for _____!" or something. and in reality they're all just training simulators, they do have "raids" but. Yea ive never seen that happen a lot. Theres something that every group has in common. In their academy game, they always have those "Raider gamepasses" or Gun gamepasses which your never going to be allowed to FUCKING USE because your "interrupting trainings" or "abusing power" Oh ok, reasonable right? your shooting your own team (if your in the group) or interrupting a training ruining some other guys experience! But. WHY EVEN FUCKING SELL THAT GAMEPASS IN THE FIRST PLACE, but sometimes you might actually have some good groups with good "trainings" and have fun being in a community of wannabe soldiers.
Timmy:"I joined the military"
Parent:"Huh? how, you can't eve-
Timmy:"I joined a Roblox Military Group"
Parent:"What the fuck is that oh and by the way I got to go buy some milk"
by somerandomnameiguess November 21, 2022
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