Words in a website that once clicked on sends you to a new page.

Hyperlinks usually are blue and have blue lines underneath them but if you have already clicked on the link they go purple.
Jimmy clicked on the hyperlink labeled "Naughty Girls" and was pleasantly suprised with the outcome.
by figglewaggle December 21, 2006
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When you view some web-sites, it shows you links. Links are hyperlinked to a certain url, within a click of that link. Also, webpages are linked/hyperlinked to a different page.
My website has 100 hyperlinked pages.

My site has 4 webpages, hyperlinked of course, otherwise you will not be able to access the pages.
by k's May 21, 2005
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To get distracted or change the subject mid-conversation.
I was trying to talk to Josh about an important job when he hyperlinked and asked me what I wanted for lunch.

I was chatting to Josh about football when Karlee walked past and he hyperlinked.
by July 20, 2011
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Something you click on while on the computer (or another electronic device,) which directs you from one thing to another. The word is often shortened to just "link".

Not to be confused with Link, Nintendo's Hero of Time.
Using the hyperlink labled, "Click on this!!!!1!" the new computer user was unfortunately lured into entering a dangerous website, which talked him into downloading a virus.
by This-is-a-terrible-pseudonym November 17, 2012
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A link to another page of the website
Simple as that
All those blue words are hyperlinks dumbass
by TheAverageIdiot August 31, 2017
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A word in a text, website, message, etc, that has a link embedded into it. Once you click on the word, it will redirect you to that link.

Make sure to be careful when clicking on hyperlinks or any link for that matter, people can get your IP address from it.
person1 - Bro your hyperlink redirected me to minesweeper, why?
person2 - Idk I just wanted to see if it worked (also I have your IP address now)
by i am a failure to society 👍 October 21, 2021
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a word on a website that will take you to another website when pressed
CLICK HERE!!! WE ARE NOT VIRUS!!! just_a_hyperlink.vrs
by Derpasorus_Rex November 16, 2019
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