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A delco tuxedo is a system of dress popularized in Delaware county, particularly those communities east of Springfield and south of Drexel Hill (although the tuxedo is not as common in communities north of Drexel Hill, it has been seen in certain sections of Havertown, hardmore, and Drexel Hill itself). The tuxedo varies by season, and is characterized as best:

Spring/Summer Delco tuxedo featuring Notre Dame Fighting Irishman (on right calf), jean shorts or Jordan Brand basketball shorts, Timberland Boots or Jordan Brand sliders (typically Carolina blue), beater or baggy white t-shirt or Catholic grade school t-shirt (with sleeves cut off; e.g. a St. Eugene alumnus).

Fall/Winter Delco Tuxedo featuring baggy sweatpants (typically a light, never a heather, gray-also, spitter and cigs protruding from left and right pockets respectively), Bonner Rugby Sweatshirt (the green stench is always represented), and Timberland Boots (if there is no snow outside, an expensive pair of Jordan Brand sneakers can be substituted)

The delco tuxedo is NOT to be confused with delco sunday best, an entirely different (albeit similar) system of raiment. Additionally, in protestant sections of delaware county, mainly those accessible via Lancaster Avenue, the inter-ac tuxedo is the dominant system of dress.
There is nothing better than Memorial Day Weekend in Wildwood with my brothers from Delaware County. We all get to prance around with our freshly minted irish man tattoos, and can finally trade our Timbs for some fresh Jordan slides, a pure delco tuxedo.
by Boss Hamilton January 24, 2011
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A style of dress popularized in Delaware County Pennsylvania. Scholars have long argued over the precise date of the creation of the Delco Tuxedo, but most maintain that it originated on Sunday, January 27th, 2002 at the St. Laurence 8:30 am mass. With the Philadelphia Eagles playing in their first NFC championship game since 1981, thousands of Delco's sons piled into alters throughout the county, in hopes that keeping holy the Sabbath would propel the Eagles to a victory. Since the Eagles were playing an away game, mass attendance rates were significantly higher than was normal. Congregations throughout the county were noted as being "smellier, greener, and scummier than normal" by then Cardinal, Anthony Bevilacqua.

Auxiliary Bishop Joseph McFadden, who presided over the 9:30 AM mass at Holy Cross in Springfield noted: "Never in my life have I seen so many Brian Dawkins jerseys atop gray Dan Algeo Cardinal O'Hara Football Hoodies and loose fitting denim jeans. And while not every member of the congregation was wearing a Dawkins jersey, every adult male had Timberland Boots adorning his feet."
Algeo might wear a COHS hoodie and headset on Friday night, a Penn State Football KKK whiteout suit on Saturday afternoon, but on Sunday, he puts on his his delco sunday best and honors the Eagles with Timbs, jeans, a hoodie, beer, and of course the jersey of whatever defensive player takes the most cheap shots during the course of the game.
by Boss Hamilton January 24, 2011
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A 511 montgo ave slag show is a Merion Mercy student that routinely grinds, touches, kisses on the check, kisses on the hand, kisses on the forehead, kisses on the nose, kisses on the lips, french kisses, blows, poses for a facebook picture with, hugs, holds, humps, screws, bumps, shtups, engages in coitus, or copulates with a student from La Salle or an InterAc school (read: The Haverford School).
Yeah dude, she is a total 511 montgo ave slag show, c'mon, didn't you see her getting with Vance, only a couple of minutes after posing for a facebook picture with All InterAc lax stud, James 'Chip' Barrington?
by Boss Hamilton October 26, 2011
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last definition for this word was shitty and pretentious.

the Inter-Ac Tuxedo is a theory, not a precise outfit. it takes different shapes as the earth rotates and the seasons change. in the summer, "the Tux" sees backward New Era hats for all teams other than the Phillies. During Summer days, baggy Jordan shorts, black nike socks, nikeID dunks, and killer UVA lax pinnys are worn. But during summer nights, gr8 brands like Lacoste get paired with pink Polo hats and rockstar shades.

in the winter, the tux takes on a new form. Fresh off the conclusion of another action packed InterAc football season, sluggers from THS, MP, PC, and GA will throw on their letterman jackets, celebrating their 8 game seasons in style, and reminiscing over the narrow victory over a Philadelphia Public League Team.
Yo check out James 'Chip' Barrington, he's across the street in his The Haverford School: '08 InterAc Champs: The Perfect Season (5-3 record) letterman jacket. What an iscariot. Hate to see him in an Inter-Ac Tuxedo, instead of a delco tuxedo
by boss hamilton November 29, 2011
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A delco minute is the term used for the period of time from January 10th-February 1st every calendar year in Delaware County. In contrast to the popular term new york minute, a delco minute lasts much longer than a minute; for some, it seems to last a lifetime. The delco minute is the time period each winter when 8th graders throughout Delaware County are faced with the difficult choice of deciding which high school in the county to attend. For some, family finances dictate a need for public school. But for many other young people throughout the county, they must decide before the end of a delco minute whether or not to disgrace themselves by enrolling at an inter-ac school the next fall, or going the pure route of a Catholic Education. The delco minute ends when parents submit a deposit to a local private school, or fill out the paper work for public school. the months leading up to a delco minute can be very stressful for some; St. Joseph's Prep has become increasingly selective in recent years, and now rejects most applicants. This means that some kids are forced after January 10th to consider enrolling at inferior schools, such as Malvern Prep or Monsignor Bonner. When a student who could not get into the The Prep enrolls at Malvern, he is subsequently termed a J Crew Catholic.
It is January 10th, and I have received all my high school acceptance letters. The delco minute has formally begun, now I have to spend the rest of the month determining if I want to wear an inter-ac tuxedo or a delco tuxedo for the next four years. Since I am a Hohenzollern fascist, I think I will enroll at the Haverford School and try to get plowed in the ass for the next four years.
by Boss Hamilton October 23, 2011
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A pair of Old Navy cargo pants.
Yoooo! The Eagles just signed Nnamimnidi Asoumoughoua!!! I creamed so hard my cargo pants turned into a kensington jizz rag!
by boss hamilton January 10, 2012
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The BPike wardrobe is a collection of clothes that diehard Eagles and Phillies fans throughout the Delaware Valley assemble to express their undying love for hate, hustle, and heart on the baseball and football fields. Wardrobe essentials include the following:

Shoes: Air Force 1s, every shoe ever made by the Jordan Brand (some carryover here with an Inter-Ac Tuxedo).

Socks: Foreman Mills Crew Socks, or TekGear 10 pack from Kohls

Shorts: Jorts or Kensington Jizz Rag

Belt: HA!

Shirt: The main attraction. Includes the following necessities to provide the most options: Dawkins Home Jersey, Dawkins away jersey, Utley home Jersey, Utley away jersey, Utley 1980s throwback jersey, Utley batting practice jersey, Utley T-Shirt, World F-cking Champs T-Shirt, World F-cking Champs Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Utley World Baseball Classic Jersey, Utley Sleeveless Home Jersey

Undershirt: Beaters from Ross or T.J. Max

Tie: HA!

Hat: Flat Brim. Black. Phillies or Eagles. Turned backwards.
Check out Mac across the street in the flat brim Birds hat, Jordan 8s, and the World F-cking Champs Limited Edition T-Shirt. Christ, he might have the most swaggy BPike Wardrobe in the history of swag.
by Boss Hamilton August 15, 2012
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