A delco tuxedo is a system of dress popularized in Delaware county, particularly those communities east of Springfield and south of Drexel Hill (although the tuxedo is not as common in communities north of Drexel Hill, it has been seen in certain sections of Havertown, hardmore, and Drexel Hill itself). The tuxedo varies by season, and is characterized as best:

Spring/Summer Delco tuxedo featuring Notre Dame Fighting Irishman (on right calf), jean shorts or Jordan Brand basketball shorts, Timberland Boots or Jordan Brand sliders (typically Carolina blue), beater or baggy white t-shirt or Catholic grade school t-shirt (with sleeves cut off; e.g. a St. Eugene alumnus).

Fall/Winter Delco Tuxedo featuring baggy sweatpants (typically a light, never a heather, gray-also, spitter and cigs protruding from left and right pockets respectively), Bonner Rugby Sweatshirt (the green stench is always represented), and Timberland Boots (if there is no snow outside, an expensive pair of Jordan Brand sneakers can be substituted)

The delco tuxedo is NOT to be confused with delco sunday best, an entirely different (albeit similar) system of raiment. Additionally, in protestant sections of delaware county, mainly those accessible via Lancaster Avenue, the inter-ac tuxedo is the dominant system of dress.
There is nothing better than Memorial Day Weekend in Wildwood with my brothers from Delaware County. We all get to prance around with our freshly minted irish man tattoos, and can finally trade our Timbs for some fresh Jordan slides, a pure delco tuxedo.
by boss hamilton January 24, 2011
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