1. 72 Dolphins
2. 48 Browns

These are the only teams in Pro Football History to go undefeated throughout the regular season and playoffs.

The 48 Browns went 14-0 and won the AAFC Championship finishing 15-0.

The 72 Dolphins went 14-0 and won their three playoff games including Super Bowl VII to finish 17-0.

There are strong arguements against both teams however.

The 48 Browns played in the 8 team AAFC league that was considered inferior to the 10 team NFL league.

The 72 Phins played only two teams with a .500 record or better, neither of those two teams made the playoffs.

The 84 49ers and 85 Bears are considered to have been better as they went 15-1 and finished 18-1.

The 85 Bears however swept both their playoff opponents on their way to the Super Bowl which ended up being the most lopsided at the time.

While the 49ers lost their only game by 3 points.

The 2007 Patriots also went 18-1 owning the best start in NFL history at 18-0, however even though their lone loss was like the 49ers, by only 3 points, it came in the Super Bowl and thus negated the team finishing a perfect 19-0 or even considered better than the 85 Bears or 84 49ers since they went 18-1 and LOST the Championship Game.

The 34 Bears went 13-0 and also lost their Championship game to finish 13-1.

The 42 Bears went 11-0 and also lost their Championship game to finish 11-1.

The last three examples are of the greatest chokes in NFL history.

In the CFL the 48 Calgary Stampeders went 15-0 after winning the Grey Cup.

Outside of Football there have been 7 NCAA Basketball Teams to finish with a perfect record, however in terms of Pro Sports only in the CFL, AFL and NFL can there ever feasibly be a team to finish their season without a loss.
" Do you remember the 72 Dolphins? Yeah they went perfect, but I wish they'd SHUT UP about it "
" The 07 Pats almost went perfect....almost "
" Hey the 2007 Pats went 18-0"
" Yeah but they lost the Super Bowl so who gives a shit? "
" If a team pulls a perfect season they get double their salary...or they should "
" I pulled a perfect season...in my fantasy league "
by Bill Abdull February 11, 2008
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