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A salad, sandwich, and coffee bar. Located in very few locations including Bryn Mawr, PA and New York, NY. Serves the most AMAZING fat free mango manias, bread, and chicken ceaser salads. The Bryn Mawr location is filled with kids from the surrounding private schools including The Baldwin School, The Shipley School, and The Haverford School. Locals are bound to see at least one familiar face in the restaurant or in the always packed parking lot. Main Line mothers are often seen inside toting chanel handbags and young children while they order take-out for their family dinner. Groups of kids, in North Faces, Birkenstocks, Polos, and cell phones glued to their ears, wait in the salad line talking obnoxiously. An extremely popular restaurant that is sure to become nearly as contagious as Starbucks. The New York locations are not nearly as busy as the Bryn Mawr location. And the customers are less suburban. Diners at the NY locations are usually business men and women in suits- yuppies no doubt. COSI- THE BEST SANDWICH AND SALAD BAR EVER!
If you've never been to a Cosi...GO! The bread is UNBELIEVABLE!

Reasons to go to Cosi:

The best bread in the world...BY FAR!
Spectacular people watching
Convenience is key
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cosi is name shortened from cosima, it describes a attractive and sexual women who is very very very funny and good with boys
damn, cosi is good with boys, wish i was as confident as her
by djdjdjjdjdjdjdjdjdj July 10, 2011
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can be a nickname for Constance. Something shorter and easier to remember. Far more interesting than Connie.
Person: oh hi whats your name?
cosi: Constance but my nickname is Cosi
by oz4356 August 12, 2010
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a coffee, bar, and sandwich shop from the east coast that is slowly moving across the country. if you are on the main line you will see that the parking lot of the bryn mawr cosi is constantly filled with luxury cars, tanned girls in north face fleeces and boys in polo shirts. however, their bread is amazing.
main liner 1: "oh my god i am so bored, what should we do?"

main liner 2: "i dunno, let's drive over to cosi and see who's there."

main liner 1: "but i'm not hungry."

main liner 2: "so, we'll just drive around the lot, people are always there."
by bread lover March 13, 2005
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a small sandwich shop that took away the Friendly's in New Rochelle (mainly Jew Ro), NY. The only ppl who ever bother to go there are middle school kids from ALMS, highschool sluts from Ursuline, Jewish teens from Beth El, and ofcourse little elementary kids with their families. Many kids are kicked out of there at least 3 times a year. When ever you enter Cosi you always see at least 10 ppl you know.
Robbie threw a marshmellow on fire at Cosi & almost set someone on fire so now him and his friends have to eat outside.
by goldstein May 29, 2006
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