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One of the best shows on tv ever.
Hey, lets watch the south park, it the one where Cartman finds out that is dad is actually his mom.
by Bon Chez July 13, 2003

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Someone who looks at other people through the cracks in public restroom stalls.
That 7th grader is such a goddamn bathroom looker.
by Bon Chez April 12, 2003

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A tall really really white skinny kid that I know.
Sean is such at foohoon
by Bon Chez November 14, 2003

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A crazy little man that always says crap and always cheats. But Homestarrunner and the others are to stupid to realize that he cheats.
Strong bad would say: hey strong mad let's cheat at the jumping jack contest,crap,crap,crap,crap,crap,crap.
by Bon Chez May 25, 2003

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Graphics Processing unit. The two leading GPU companies are ATI and Nvidia
Hey guys let's all buy nvidia's and get slow frame rates and crappy graphic graphic quality. Believe me, I used to use and Nvidia Geforce 4 MX420, it was crap. I got a ATI Radeon 9500 Pro and my graphics are ALOT better. Who ownz now?
by Bon Chez November 14, 2003

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The counter-strike or any other fps meaning good game.
I owned you the whole time, gg.
by Bon Chez April 15, 2003

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A very large company that started out small like most do by Sam Walton in Bentonville, Arkansas. It's the target of many attacks from hippies with nothing better to complain about. Wal-Mart sells the same products small stores, but for cheaper and you don't have to drive around town to find what you need to buy. I mean think about, would rather drive around all over the place to buy a few different or you can go to Wal-Mart and get everything in the same place. They move in to communites all over the country and provide jobs and other services to the community. If you like spending more money for the same products then shop somewhere else and stop crying about Wal-Mart.
Me: I'm going to stop by Wal-Mart today to buy a new game for only $40.

Some pussy democrat cryer: How can you shop there, they drive small companies out of business.

Me: Well, if small companies wouldn't sell their products at higher prices I'd shop at the small companies more often. But, they like to charge $55 for the same exact game. You must be retarded or something.
by Bon Chez March 14, 2005

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