-Do you know a place where i can to get some pussy ...??

= you to find a sex partner yeah .... wait what ..???
by hell yeah123 November 4, 2017
A phrase that means to get some 'action,' as in to get some pussy, usually from hookers.
Jeremy: Hey Jason! Bo, Ty, and I are gunna go pull some pussy. Wanna come?

Jason: Nah bro, I can pull pussy from my GIRLFRIEND, not nasty hookers.

Jeremy: Awe, you suck!
by lovely_lady June 4, 2009
June 6th is a day, when you can get some pussy, pics of it, feel of it, just say it to your girl and you can do whatever you want with her pussy
Josh:Hey, Emma!
Emma: Hi, what’s up?
Josh:You know what day it is? It’s june 6th, get some pussy day!
by Yolomemer June 6, 2021
"Yo dude"
"you look like you need some pussy"
"Dude you know im gay"