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Someone who constantly runs around and tries to hit people with cascarones.
Aquamarine: Why are all of the kids running around?
Robin's Egg: Because I live with a family of cascarunners.
by Blues and Dumbness April 21, 2019
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A variation of Mary Sue, this character uses the most OP item or item combo they can instantly get their hands on at the expense of the metagame and/or other players.

The name derives from the Roblox game Catalog Heaven.
They differ from munchkins due to how they appear and their needed time: Munchkins arrive from the idea of OP characters and usually take a few hours in order for their avatars to become a problem, whereas catalog sues arrive from the idea of easy kills and become a problem as soon as they get on the battlefield.
The main problem with them is that they create a constant cycle of increasing players, regardless of whether or not other players approve of their actions: When a player sees one them and gets into the idea of a large kill count, they will start using the same items to reach those same numbers. When a player sees one of them and despises their actions, they may use similar or stronger weapons in order to take them down. Both result in more players seeing the use of such weapons and continue the cycle.
Because the only way to counter a catalog sue in to use similar items (thereby adding fuel to the fire), your best option is to simply avoid them. Fewer players around them means fewer kills, which makes them more likely to consider their actions or leave the server. Talking to them may also help.
Remember, when everyone has a equal chance to come out on top, everyone wins.
Azure: Why is he using a Green Hyperlaser Gun?
Teal: Because he's a catalog sue.
by Blues and Dumbness April 11, 2019
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The act of overturning an elephant on his back and pinning him to the ground as you take his cock up your ass.
Cobalt: Do you have any proof of your strength?
Livid: Here's a tape of me elephant wrestling.
Cobalt: (watches the tape)
Okay, you're hired!
by Blues and Dumbness May 11, 2019
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Another name for Urban Dictionary, due to the large amount of shock site-esque sexual definitions that used to (and still do) populate the website (usually featuring zoophilia, torture, feces, etc.).
Cyan: Wanna go on Urban Dictionary?

Sapphire: I'd rather see what's new on crackporn.com
by Blues and Dumbness October 25, 2019
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A "game" where you have to say the word "nigger" louder than all other players to win. However, if you get hit by a non-player after saying the word, you will be disqualified.

For obvious reasons, black people and anyone holding a N-Word Pass are not allowed to play.
Sapphire: Why do you have bruises on your face?

Cyan: A mob came for me after hearing me play Don't Get Hit.
by Blues and Dumbness December 15, 2019
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By showing this definition to anyone, they are no longer allowed to perform any action required by any date recognized by Urban Dictionary on the user. Violators may be charged with assault.
Sapphire: I heard today is National Sex Da-
Cyan: Nope. *shows this definition*

Day cancellation.
by Blues and Dumbness October 21, 2019
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A phrase used whenever someone makes a big deal out of minor or inconsequential details.
Ocean: This Dasalad brand is the worst! It has no filter, too much acid, not enough minerals-
Cyan: Dude, it's fucken water.
by Blues and Dumbness August 30, 2021
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