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One who can't just be a hypochondriac but has the urge to give their own diagnosis on anybody who in that persons perspective is out of the norm.
It seems whenever Jessica is around people who look pallid. she has a tendency to hypochondreate.
by Blitzed4lyfe20 January 21, 2017
One who gets most of all their knowledge from news channels such as cnn, fox, cnbc, ect. Also, another for would be social-media's Facebook, twitter, ect.
Whe can all tell the Johnson's live in a pen and paper world. Everything they said tonight made them sound like a media monger family.
by Blitzed4lyfe20 October 10, 2016
The act of 2 or more males gathering naked in a circle. Placing bread/toast in the middle. The male participants must then begin to pleasure themselves until the point of ejaculation. Once the final participant has ejaculated on the bread/toast. He must then eat the bread/toast.
I'm always in the mood for a game of lint toast. Only if I'm not the last guy to ejaculate.
by Blitzed4lyfe20 May 18, 2016
Wow keisha really sucked my niggas dick in front of my 5 yr old. That's some next level hoe shit.
by Blitzed4lyfe20 September 19, 2017
One who particularly goes out of their way to seek stress, anger, annoyance, arguments (ect).
Eliqueisha would not stop talking about all the problems in Lashawntaya's relationship. She is drama-succubus at heart.
by Blitzed4lyfe20 October 6, 2016
The act of sticking your thumb up a female's sphincter and acquiring feces and promptly wiping on her upper lip.
My husband and i went all the way last night and i let him finally give me little Hitler's
by Blitzed4lyfe20 October 6, 2016
Something so cringeworthy it's needs a new word.
Johnny boy and soda pop pull some pretty cringical stunts when they're drunk.
by Blitzed4lyfe20 April 18, 2017