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A fine fruit that can be found in Malaysia. It has a sweet taste and often causes unsuspecting tourist to excrete unsuspectingly. Also known as Fruit of evil and the fruit of expelling.
i haven't pooped in ages better eat a coblin...
by bleh November 27, 2003
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when someone is tweeked out and seeing hallucinations.
Robyn was spook spotting last night, sayin' there were helicopters outside her window when there wasn't anything there!!!
by BLeH April 12, 2003
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something so funny, that you could die from it.
shit dude, when you blew up ur trailer, that was killarious!!
by bleh December 29, 2004
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The great feeling of acomplishment after eating a huge kebab with lots of hot sauce. This doesnt apply to small kebabs, as only girls (and arran knott) eat small kebabs, and leave most of it and claim they're full.
"I feel pretty kebabtastic now" (after eating kebab).
by Bleh January 07, 2005
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A refreshing carbonated beverage; also known as a soft drink, cola, pop, or Coke
Son, hand me a coldrank!
by Bleh November 23, 2002
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To post weird questions on usenet about Urban Dictionary
Foamy totally MarioR'ed when he didn't know what chillaxing meant.
by Bleh August 19, 2004
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owner of everything
-sb-Link > you
by bleh September 14, 2003
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