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A person who is forced to pick up 13 cards in a game of 3 person Crazy Eights
Places two 2s on top of the queen of spades
Heheh pick up 7 Jimmy”

“Oh yeah, well Kakyoopy, you pick up 13”
Places two 2 on the card pile.
by BlazeFireball February 25, 2021
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Similar to Janellousy and Janellous, Taylorlousy is the act of being jealous of the confident former beauty pageant queen.
Everyone in the Big Brother 24 house is so filled with Taylorlousy, that they felt the need to form a hate group against Taylor being they couldn't handle her breathing and existing.
by BlazeFireball July 15, 2022
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A person who loves playing the victim and hating on women‘s success. They are the epitome of janelleous and so insecure at the presence of a powerful women.
Janelle and Kaysar faced a ratcole and reigned their supremeness above them.
by BlazeFireball September 3, 2020
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