1. a word used to express a feeling of disbelief
2. a word used when you don't know what else to say
3. an expression showing complete and utter boredom with whomever may be speaking
1. Pshaw! You just made that up.
2. Pshaw...i'm freakin' bored..
3. Pshaw! Just get on with the damn story, i ain't got all day.
by Marbo March 28, 2003
a word meant to show disbelief and skepticism towards something someone said.
"I'm straight!"
by Andy222 August 11, 2005
Pshaw is basically a meaning of disbelief.
Sammy Keyes : Grams she shouldn't be written down as a suspect!

Grams : Oh pshaw!

Sammy Keyes : * stares at Grams like she's crazy *
by ambf1 December 29, 2015
The only word in the English language that can be used under ANY circumstance. Its a dismissive response to a question that cannot be answered, a furious response to a statement you do not believe, a way of pretending you understood something you didn't, a way of shrugging off an insult, and anything/everything else.
Conor Courtney: Bro dude that dude girlfriend bro of GOD DAMN I WOULD RAPE THAT!

Macken: Pshaw?

Mr. Kravitz: Macken whats the answer to this question?

Macken: Pshaw...

Mr. Kravitz: Macken this is serious your failing this class

Macken: Pshaw!?

Macken: Hey uhm hi uhm do you want to uhm err go out with me?

Girl: Well I would and all but I don't think your my type, I'm going through a bad patch, I'm trying to say single, I just went through a bad break up, I was born a man-

Macken: PSSHHAWWWWW!!!!!!!!

Robber: Give me all your money right f***ing now

Macken: Pshaw pshaw pshaw pshaw PSH-AWWWW!!!!
by MultiPshaws December 12, 2011
An expression of nonsense, fallacy, also impatience, contempt or disdain toward something.
Yes, you're going to totally pwn that by jumping on a rope...Pshaw.
by Rocket M. Love July 10, 2006
1)Anything and everything
2)To do something.
3)To show great emotion.
4)To show confusion
She is such a pshaw!
Dude, they went into the bathroom and pshawed.
You know what, PSHAW!
That exam was so pshaw!
She's a pshawer.
Put the pshaw over there.
They're pshawing
by serga005 May 31, 2009