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1. a word used to express a feeling of disbelief
2. a word used when you don't know what else to say
3. an expression showing complete and utter boredom with whomever may be speaking
1. Pshaw! You just made that up.
2. Pshaw...i'm freakin' bored..
3. Pshaw! Just get on with the damn story, i ain't got all day.
by Marbo March 27, 2003
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a word meant to show disbelief and skepticism towards something someone said.
"I'm straight!"
by Andy222 August 10, 2005
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Expression of humility. Similar to "aw, shucks", "you're too kind", etc.
by Frank Bicknell March 04, 2005
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Pshaw is basically a meaning of disbelief.
Sammy Keyes : Grams she shouldn't be written down as a suspect!

Grams : Oh pshaw!

Sammy Keyes : * stares at Grams like she's crazy *
by ambf1 December 29, 2014
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It's a sort of way to saw whatever but be more bitchy
Karen: That dress makes your butt look big
Alison: P'shaw bitch!
by Jesus F. Christ April 05, 2006
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