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Post rock is a genre of rock music coined by British music Simon Reynold as "using rock instrumentation for non-rock purposes, using guitars as facilitators of timbres and textures rather than riffs and powerchords." Post Rock will often times be built like classical music with different movements and emphasis on musical composition and dynamic movements. Common instruments used by post rock bands are guitars and basses as well as drums, auxillary percussion, string instruments, pianos, and even bagpipes and the occasional tape loop run through the record.
"I saw this band called Godspeed you! Black Emperor last night"
"Were they any good?"
"Oh yeah, they totally post-rocked"
by Blackbird June 27, 2005
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A somewhat pejorative phrase referring to Myspace, an online community. Referred to as such because a majority of those with Myspace accounts tend to spend hours on end perusing different accounts, making bulletins and blogs, listening to bands, and pretty much spending their existance on the addicting website.
"He hasn't been on aim in a long time. Fucking wasting his life away on MySpace. He really needs a job. Or hobby. Or a harness.
by Blackbird June 28, 2005
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The common reason many comic book superheroes have superpowers. A prime example would be the Fantastic Four.
"'Why does he have superpowers?'. Well, he was...um...well, he was born a mut...no...um...he was bitten by..no, they've done that...uh....Oh, hell just do the old radioactivity thing."
by Blackbird June 28, 2005
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One of America's finest musicians and the greatest musician of country music. A fan of blues, gospel, folk, and bluegrass, he took wandering grassroots genres of music and made them into important musical achievements of our time. With hits like "Hey Good Lookin'" "Jambalaya" and "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" to name a few, he paved the country music landscape with his lyrical talent and fondness for American born music. A rockstar before there were rockstars, he abused alcohol and died at the young age of thirty.
"Here that lonesome whipporwill,
he sounds too blue to fly,
The midnight train is whinin' low,
I'm so lonesome I could cry"
by Blackbird June 27, 2005
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A fantastic hip-hop group formed in the late 80's-early 90's by now successful solo artist Q-Tip. They had a unique blend of jazz, rock, and alternative hip-hop that was not rivaled by many other groups. They have now disbanded, but their classic album "The Low End Theory" will live on as one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever recorded.
"Back in the days when I was a teenager,
Before I had status and before I had a pager,
You could find the abstract, listening to hip-hop,
My pops used to say it reminded him of bebop,
I said 'Well, daddy, don't you know that things go in cycles,
Way that Bobby Brown is just ampin' like
It's all expected, things are for the lookin',
If you got the money, Quest is for the bookin''"

-"Excursions" A Tribe Called Quest
by Blackbird December 27, 2004
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Telling a girl, preferably one who finds you to be a creep/unattractive, that you've masturbated to her. A play-on-words from "date rape".
guy: You were on my mind all night, allison.
girl: You keep bate raping me and your testicles will not be found again.
by Blackbird February 06, 2005
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it's me aswell, but these definitions aren't really helping :/
hey! it's Blackbird!
hey bb!
by Blackbird March 19, 2004
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