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A popular american sport where they like to bomb anything that moves including weddings, their allies, the press corps, aid workers, their own men......
"Is it one of ours?

Who cares shoot the fuckers anyway."
by black flag June 07, 2004

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NYC rock band formed in 1970 by rock svengalli Sandy Pearlman from the ashes of two other NY bands 'Soft White Under Belly' and 'The Stalk Forest Group' Have released some rather good intelligent rock albums including 'Tyranny and Mutation' (1972)
'Cultosaurus Erectus' (1979) and 'Imaginos' (1989) but are best remembered for their 1976 album 'Agents of Fortune' and its international hit single '(Don't Fear) The Reaper'
Eric Bloom is the lead singer for Blue Oyster Cult
by Black Flag February 04, 2004

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The main road in England that links Exeter in the south west with Birmingham in the midlands. Infamous for it's heavy congestion and endless lines of caravans in the summer months
I know we are on the M5, I can see 400 caravans and we have moved 400 yards in the last two hours.
by black flag June 14, 2004

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An often misused term. Great Britain in the geographical sense refers to the largest of the 800+ islands that make up the British Isles.

In the political sense it refers to the union between Engalnd Scotland and Wales, and the central government of the same. (Add Northern Ireland into the equation and you get The United Kingdom)
Most people in Britain refer to themselves as English, Scottish or Welsh, Not British.
by black flag May 29, 2004

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A canabis user. One who uses the herb to make life a tad less oppressive
Nothing rattles him, his a stoner.
by black flag May 31, 2004

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Hit UK TV show, that flopped when remade stateside. Proof that humour is on the whole non-exportable.
"The plot of Lesbian spank inferno?
Well, there is these five lesbian film makers who decide to hold a competion to see who can make the best.. er art film. So they show each other the films and the loser gets err... spanked."

"They all get spanked in that one don't they"

"Err thats right they decide that to spank just one is discrimatory, so they decide they... all... need a.... spanking..."

"You've been watching porn again haven't you?"

"Oh god yes I am so sorry!!!!"
(Series 2 episode 3)
by Black Flag May 28, 2004

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1) Mythological humanoid creature. Orginated from the old English kingdom of Cornwall. Orginally said to be the size of a large man and fed off human flesh, but now taken to be some kind of small giant

2) A vindictive individual, an unreasonable person.
My boss is such an ogre, he made me ork late three times last week and refuses to pay overtime.
by black flag May 31, 2004

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