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A person of Italian descent living in Appalachian America (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, etc,).

Usually these people can actually cook amazing food, instead of just telling you about how good their old school Italian relatives cook.
I love eating ital-billy ravioli. It is like a pierogi meatball.
by BigGuy40 April 6, 2020
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The two HGW’s got into a fight in the bar parking lot over the upcoming election
by BigGuy40 November 6, 2021
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Billie Bob is a prime example of a HGW. He spent his paycheck on cigarettes and lottery tickets.
by BigGuy40 July 30, 2021
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Justice performed when the government fails to protect.
He Kyled the looters who threatened him.
by BigGuy40 November 26, 2021
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This is verb used to describe the result when a person who thinks their actions are impervious to serious repercussions feels the wrath.
The looter was Kyled as he tried to steal a tv from the store during the riots.
by BigGuy40 November 21, 2021
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Finally a court made a good decision. It is OFTGG!!!
by BigGuy40 November 19, 2021
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