An amazing Polish/Slovik dish. Basically a Raviolli filled with potato,cheese,or any other assortment of fillings. Also it is usually boiled in water then fried in butter to taste extra awsome.
Chris : "Damn I could really go for some of my grandmas pierogis right about now"
by Ziggo May 22, 2009
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if jesus was stuffed with molten lava and tasted delicious when fried with onions.
person 1: man i'm really hungry
person 2: try this
person 1: it smells like happiness and angel giggles what is it
person 2: it's a pierogie
person 1: a what
person 2: it's jesus
person 2: just let it happen
by elektron October 26, 2012
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The yummiest food on earth. It's a Polish dish made from potato (cooked in some manner and mixed with whatever you like) wrapped in a wheat shell. Much like a ravioli or empanadilla, but oh so much better!
Mom, can we have pierogies and kielbasa for dinner?
by Van Pierce August 10, 2003
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A Polish food. Pierogis are made out of dough rolled into a small circle with the type of thing you want inside, for example: fruit or meat and mushroooms. Anything. The most common type of pierogis are russian pierogis which are pierogis with mashed potato, cheese and pepper (as in the seasoning, not the vegetable).
Brooo, my mom made me pierogis with strawberries. They were the best thing i've eaten in a long time.
by The urban bruh December 18, 2021
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Dealer: how much you want man?

Baller: 2 Pierogi!!!
by FlightRisk February 26, 2013
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the Polish "raviolli"(thats the italian name for it) alot of Americans think that it's made with mainly potato stuffing. but to tell you the truth, only a dumbass would put potato in a potato based dough. Polish people from or in Poland make our pierogies with either sourkraut, meat, mushrooms, strawberries (with a sourcream mixed w/ sugar sauce) and other fillings like this. when you eat pierogie, don't eat it with potatoes.
mom made strawberry pierogie for dessert.
by the real Polish kid October 1, 2006
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When you put a boiled potato in a girl's vagina, then you mash it with your penis and top it off with your sour cream
My girl asked for The Pierogi, and I said just boil the potato, baby/.
by Pierogiboy March 12, 2011
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