27 definitions by Big B

Another name for something that is a faggot, or fag
A fag walks up to you and says,"What up?"
You say....Sizz kid
by Big B December 10, 2003
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n. 1) death; 2) the state of being dead; v. to die
"If you slip that'll git you sleep!"

"You move in on Ice and you're goin' to sleep!"

by Big B March 10, 2003
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a prostitute that moves from corner to corner to avoid getting arrested.
Yo, the town slink is on Bush Ave. tonight.
by Big B March 08, 2004
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While not the first assualt rifle, arguably the best. Unlike the M-16, which requires constant cleaning, the AK-47 has few moving parts that do not get fouled easily.
The AK-47 was not entirely a Russian design
by Big B December 19, 2004
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When one has reached his usefulness qouta in the world, or simply given up personal hygene maintainence when appearing publicly.
He is wearing sweatpants and a stained Wifebeater t-shirt to the grocery store-He has "Crapped the Bed"
by Big B November 19, 2003
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n. Another term used for a large stack of bills or bud.
Shit thats a PHHHATTTTT stack
by Big B December 10, 2003
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