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Usually used as a boy name meaning "wonderer", Dutch.
Most Dolens r quiet and calm, usually a serious attitude.
They are extremely cocky, and will not simply back down.
When young their definitely not the life in the school, but gain looks in their older years. (18-21).

Has a dark sense of humor and always seems to ignore the one person that likes them.
Extremely hard to get, but once you have him, he'll turn into a big goof ball and hold you in his arms for eternity.
"Uha! No one way that kid was Dolen, isn't Dolen that emo kid?"
by Dolen Wolf January 11, 2015
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1. Anickname for Gillian Dolen
2. An extremly hot girl at my school, w/big tits that are perfect
by Big B October 31, 2004
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1. Nickname for any closet bisexual girl with decent hooters.
Yo, PimpMasta L, Stacy wont admit about that time she wuz tradin toungues wit Brittani!

What a Dolen!
by Liam, Bitches November 05, 2004
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A living legend... His smells apartment smells of rich mohagany and he has many leather bound books. He once had an awkward moment just to see how it felt. In his free time he likes long walks on the beach and small puppies. In his free time he likes rescuing turtles, small children and milfs. He pisses excellence, and his cock eats small animals. Vneck shirts are often seen on these creatures. He is liable to be seen to be seen doing hood rat stuff with friends at any given moment.
I woke had a hearty piss of excellence... therefore i just pulled a Dolen.

I had an extra large helping and wore a vneck... therefore I am a dolen.

I have 17 different girls at any given time, and often mix up names and events... therefore, I am a dolen
by Mr. Hugh Jarms September 14, 2009
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