An ex- United player who's been arrested for raping his girlfriend. People used to compare Deadwood to the likes of Saka and Foden but they were all fatherless United fans. Can often be seen asking women to open their legs before allegedly bruising and bashing them. Proper cunt.
"Dad did Mason Greenwood score today."
"No son he's in prison because he's a dirty rapist."
by MASON FORCEWOOD February 7, 2022
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The most talented youngster in world football right now. destined to win the Ballon D’Or after leading Manchester United to their second treble. Foolish people compare him with Foden, Fati, Martinelli etc.
Oh how I wish my team had a Mason Greenwood
by Samba459 April 4, 2021
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Many Underrated Never Ever Even Begin... to think that they will win the ballon d’o’r MASON GREENWOOD will
The Ballon D’o’R winner 2027 is............MASON GREENWOOD
by MuNii Obsidian June 1, 2020
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Mum: Did you sleep ok, you we’re very loud. Did you see Mason Greenwood’s Fifa 21 face scan again
Me: how did you know. He force me to watch him shag some Icelandic gyal.
by NatWest Dave January 30, 2021
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