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1. noun. rookie basketball player for the orlando magic that plays with a face mask because his nose has been broken many times.

2.noun. a shot when someone catches an inbound shot in mid air and then while in the air misses the wide open lay up with seconds left in the clock.
3.verb. to miss an easy shot.
4. verb. to fuck up incredibly
5.verb. to lose your teams chances of winning an nba championship
6.noun. a flaming faggot
1. Dude!!! Did you see Kobe Bryant own Courtney Lee in the NBA Finals
2. Dude there is seconds left. I hope I dont pull a Courtney Lee. - Dude 1
Dude U better not!!! -Dude 2
3. Watch this retard Courtney Lee this shot.
4. Man I really hope I dont Courtney Lee today.
5. Good thing no one on my team Courtney Lee'd last game because we won the championship.
6. That guy is a Courtney Lee!!!!
by 24lakers24paukobe June 14, 2009
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A chick that always dyes her hair and doesnt know if shes straight, bi or gay. shes always moaning about something and she just cant enjoy the moment.
*hears a short chick moaning about an issue*

PERSON: shes a courtney lee for sure..
by urban dicksssss October 03, 2017
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