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1. n. The correct abbreviation for July. Although whoever uses it is a dumbass lazy bastard because all you have to do is add a 'y' on. I don't know why they create abbreviations for words if it's only removing one letter...
I was going to write July, but I just used Jul. since I'm lazy.
by BenjaminBunny April 7, 2005
n. Another name for a street, abbreviated as Blvd.; usu. very scenic and tree-lined. street
Jimmy walked down the shady boulevard, only to be gunned down be guys in the trees.
by BenjaminBunny March 30, 2005
To have a abnormally large shit in a toilet.

One that would break the basin and be one hell of a ring stinger as it comes out.
Would fill the toilet with a massive log and block it for days.
Ah guys I went for one hell of a Dutch hammonds the other day.

I laid a Dutch hammonds the other day in a field.

I feel a Dutch hammonds coming on.
by BenjaminBunny August 17, 2014
A term used by feminists and attractive females who have never experienced real hardship in life, yet still seek the pity of the internet. The term is intended to define a man who is hopelessly horny or in other words a douchebag, but instead it has become generalized to define any boy who tries to hit on a girl who may or may not have solicited said attention. "Fuckboy" only furthers the negative stereotype that women do not know what they want, because a fuckboy in one instance may be a player in another. It is a failsafe option for women who are looking for a quick hookup, but are in complete denial of that fact. "Fuckboy" only ridicules a man for taking a chance and saying something outlandish or unique. Due to the women's hostile and defensive nature, a harmlessly fun and obviously joking pickup line is perceived as a threat and then shared with Tumblr for the poor victimized girls to console each other on the difficulties of being beautiful.
"Omg I was on Tinder last night and this fuckboy ttly texted me this lame fuckboy pickup line! What a fuckboy!"
"Lmao gurrrl when will these fuckboys learn we don't go on hookup apps to hookup with people! Gosh being pretty is so unfair! *frowning emote*"
by BenjaminBunny August 17, 2015
1. n. The totally kickass sergeant from Halo and Halo 2 who literally can't be killed. A sergeant in the United Nations Space Command. Played by voice actor David Sculley. He is most commonly known as Sergeant Johnson.
"Dear Humanity: We regret being alien bastards. We regret coming to Earth. And we most definitely regret the corps. just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!" - Sergeant Avery Johnson.
by BenjaminBunny March 30, 2005
Like !, but three times more exciting
I'm going to the beach!

I'm going to the beach with Kayla!!

I'm going to the beach and sleeping in the same bedroom as Kayla!!!
by BenjaminBunny March 25, 2008
Military acronym; slang. Acronym for "You're Under Certain Annihilation, Throw A Nuke!" A phrase that would be yelled in times of garunteed defeat.
"Enemies are approaching with heavy weapons from all sides! YUCATAN!"
by BenjaminBunny March 9, 2007