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Padre is father in Spanish. But it means much more than just that. A Padre or father is a caring person that will always be by your side. This Padre is handsome and the best person to be near. People care for him and he tells jokes but not all of them are funny.
My Padre is the BEST!!
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by BenMess1412 April 03, 2018

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Gillian, sounds like (g-ill-ian) not (j-ill-ian). She is a very unique person that is always by your side. She's neurotic . She sometimes likes to hang out with people but usually just likes to have fun with her family. She keeps her friends close and her enemies closer. Gillian is caring and loving to everyone that she meets. Gillian loves to help people and talk to them about what they need and how she can help them. She is beautiful but doesn't think she is. Gillian is a great person and anyone would be lucky to have her as a friend.
I wish I was like Gillian
by BenMess1412 May 16, 2018

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A very handsome man that is also very caring and kind and always has your back. Also, everyone wants to be friends with him.
Boy I wish I was as handsome as Matt
by BenMess1412 June 12, 2016

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