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An act of road rage provoked by a motorist driving slowly while hypermiling (driving in a manner that attempts to use fuel sparingly)
When the driver of car #1 was letting the car coast up a hill way below the speed limit, the driver of car #2 was so upset that he passed and blocked his path. This was considered a hypermiling tantrum.
by Bed time March 17, 2010

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A man's bathrobe.

Name applies to the garment when worn either by a man or women.

Named because of its resemblance to the dress Jennifer Lopez wore during the 2000 Grammy Award ceremony that was criticized for being revealing.
Men's robes are so revealing, they resemble Jennifer Lopez's dress. Therefore, a man's bathrobe is called a Jennifer Lopez dress.
by Bed time December 31, 2009

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Cleaning up one's messy house (or a similar setting) in a hurry by hastily stuffing junk and other items into closets, drawers, and other places visitor(s) would not enter or see so when visitor(s) arrive, the areas of the house visitor(s) will see (typically the living room and other nearby places) will appear presentable, but the messiness of the house (and the owner's slobbiness) remain hidden.
My boss is coming over, so I have to do an emergency cleanup.
by Bed time April 02, 2010

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Leavened grain products that may not be consumed by Jewish people on Passover.

Matzah is eaten instead.

Jewish law prohibits Jewish people from eating, owning, or otherwise benefitting from chametz during the holiday of Passover.

Jewish people must also use a separate set of dishes during the holiday on which chametz is not eaten.

All chametz in the possession of Jews must either be destroyed, disposed of, or sold to a gentile for the duration of the holiday.

Also can be spelled as "chometz" or "chumetz."
We must get rid of all our chametz before Passover.
by Bed time March 31, 2010

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Not perfectly on time; possibly somewhat late, but no harm is done as a result. The implication is that there is no need to be exactly on time, and starting a little late is acceptable.

The term comes from Jewish culture, which is often relaxed about punctuality.

When an event is schedule to take place at 2:00 Jewish time, it could be at 2:05, 2:12, 2:15, or even 2:35, and everyone is satisfied.
The wedding will start at 6:00 PM Jewish time.

We will meet in the lobby at 4:30 Jewish time.
by Bed time August 09, 2010

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The state of being turned off by working or being employed.

People with work aversion (or aversion to work) generally try to get by on as little effort as possible or avoid work altogether, or if employed, put a minimal effort into the work.

Those with work aversion in need of money often turn to drastic measures to try to get money, such as looking for effortless income or easy money, exhausting their savings and credit, getting into debt, begging, or even worse, unethical or illegal activity.

People with work aversion are not necessarily lazy and do not always lack a work ethic in their heart, but simply have a psychological difficulty in working.
My son has work aversion; he cannot push himself to go out and get a job.
by Bed time April 28, 2010

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The ledge at a window or counter of a booth where customers (or similar) are separated by a partial wall from cashiers (or similar). It is a place where objects (such as money or credits cards) can be placed on while receiving service.

Patience tables are generally found in places including banks, pharmacies, ticket booths, and snack bars.

The name "patience table" is given because people must wait patiently behind them.
Customers inside the bank place their checks and documents on a patience table while the tellers do their duties.

When getting your medicine refilled at the phamacy, you place your prescription on the patience table.

There is a patience table at the entrance to the theater where tickets are sold.

The vendor places the beverages on the patience table for the customer to pick up after they are purchased.
by Bed time April 27, 2010

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