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Several guys stand in a circle around a biscuit (possibly a wheat digestive). They all begin to jerk off, ejactulating onto the biscuit. The last person to cum, consequently, has to eat the soggy biscuit.
by beast May 21, 2003
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the hottest girl in MD
that girl agnes is just too hot to handle
by beast January 22, 2005
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you say this to your friend when you wanna get high.
To "tap" the bong = to smoke the shit

-Russell Peters
Hey, you wanna tap sum bong .. = hey you wanna get high
by beast February 27, 2005
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See Trailer Park Trash. Intelligence of a broke down camero, ain't goin nowhere(double negative, cinder blocks might fall, and the bar is lowered once again). Think NASCAR is a real sport. Beer comes in "BEER" cans. Pabst Blue Ribbon is a holiday special or after beating their wife or kids. Girls are prized. Learn how to count in 1's for later careers.
Only place where a guy would fuck a tail pipe of a firebird over a slut.

People that think that Wal-mart is disneyland.
by Beast November 18, 2003
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Large industrial town in the center of England. In the past Northampton has had a rich history and also was the site of one of the key battles of the War of the Roses.
Now sadly Northampton has changed. It has become a townie ( read definition) breeding ground, and is a dangerous place for any who do not follow their way of life.
We Northamptonians seem to have a mild accent compared to other areas but still seem to make our a's sound more like ey. The older natives of Northampton and the surrounding area have a tendancy to call people "me duck" pronounced "meh duck".
Northampton is rapidly expanding and has a strong rivalry with nearby town Milton Keynes.
The townie population of Northampton, who also happen to make up a large amount of Northampton Town FC "the cobblers" supporters. Being sadly lacking in intellingence for the most part, these people now despise any who live in the towns of Millwall, Peterborough, Rushden (strong hatred there) and pretty much any town with a football team in the same division as them.
Nightime in Northampton is not glamourous, but the townies and the closely related, but generally richer and better looking "trendies" see it as the highlight of their lives. Scores of young girls, wearing pink short skirts, skimpy black tops and stumbling around half drunk laughing their heads off at something as insignifficant as tripping on a curb can be seen.
Males often and try and gel their hair into some form of modern style, regardless of receeding hairline. They mainly wear Ben Sherman clothing and many will wear much smaller versions of what the townies refer to as "bling".
Northampton does have its class divisions, with those living in the outskirting villages or living in the newer areas of town tend to look down on the more "established" areas of Northampton and all those who live there.
General conversation of teenagers in Northampton...
"What ya doin' Saturday?"
"Goin town, you?"
"Same mate, what ya gonna be doin'?"
"Not much, stand around wif me mates for a bit, maybe get pissed in the afternoon"
"Safe mate"
by Beast March 26, 2005
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See Bitch
1. (Noun) More than one stupid Cunt, whoring around looking to fuck anything that has a dick.

2. (Noun) A male or female group of pussies.
Where my bitches at?!
by Beast November 19, 2003
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1. (Noun) One of the redneck hillbilly duo. This species tend to be large, small brained, even less teeth, and speaks in a language that cannot be understood. Scientist suspect years of inbreeding to get this effect.

2. (Noun) Prison inmate who decides who gets to be a bitch. Tends to have the characteristics as above.

3. (Noun) Name for a dog. Except for the dog is usually smart, has teeth, and actually likes to fuck female bitches.
Bubba just found a new bitch in the shower.

Bubba, stop fuckin that poodle!
by Beast November 19, 2003
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