36 definition by BeAsT

Proper use of a razor. The pussy has a little strip of vertical hair above it. See landing strip, helps guide me when I'm drunk.
That stripper had glitter on her bacon strip.
by Beast November 18, 2003

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Originated in Portsmouth, England in the mid 80’s, meaning Retard
"that guy from Southampton, is proper Bowlie"
by BeAsT May 07, 2005

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The noise an individual will make when recieving it up the ass.
oops i dropped the soap - *HURK!*
by Beast December 27, 2003

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to get yo dick sucked in the middle of the street.
yo man, this homeless lady followed me to the bus-stop and blessed me for two tic-tacs and a frankfurter.
by beast October 10, 2003

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Natural-Selection's Main PR Person. Also happens to be evil and apparantly smells.
Omg! It's MonsE!
by Beast July 19, 2003

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First heard of in Ohio. Intended to be used as an insult to what a person looks like. Context used in a way which is a reflection of the speaker, not necessarily of the recipient. The nature of the speaker usually has a problem with concept. IE the speaker is a Fuck Head and there is a reason why you shouldn't fuck with some drugs.
After a fuck head put the crack pipe down, he went up to his Dad and said "Good Face", then proceeded to smoke his cock.
by Beast November 18, 2003

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the perfect booty of a beautiful girl
by Beast April 18, 2003

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