36 definitions by BeAsT

v. To pee/ to urinate
n. pee/ urine
I need to do peesung.
My peesung is dark yellow!! whoohoo!!
by beast April 18, 2005
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noun: 1.screen name used by web geek while stalking unsuspecting victims. 2. screenname of a kid with a perpetual cold that requires the consumption of massive amounts of Robitussin
ackza: yeah i tried some mescal while robo -tripp'n
kbaarmy: dude, take the shoe off and just scratch your foot..
by beast February 24, 2005
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A very over weight person, probably adicited to BBQ Ribs and from Texas
Wow dude look at that 'Porkbeast'

I bet that 'Porkbeast' is 2 tons of fun!
by BeAsT May 07, 2005
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1. (Noun) Psychopathic family rapper, Ya Dead Homie, Back from the DEAD to be back with family

2. (Verb) Smokin the magic blunt in the coffin waiting to die, hoping to die, but we will never DIE!!!
If you don't know Blaze, b*tch slap your own face and go home.
Visit the carnival and ride the terror wheel
by Beast November 17, 2003
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To flick ones eye with a finger using a slapping motion. Used in a humorous manner, the action is accompanied by the word as a brief warning and to add emphasis. WIK!
By putting any form of hot sauce on the finger, one can commit the dreaded "spicy-wik"
Originated in Chico, California 1984.
Silence..."WIK!" (action)...AAHHH!
by beast April 08, 2005
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A Skulk (natural-selection character) Under the control of Beast.
"superskulk, AWAY!!"
by Beast August 01, 2003
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Zimbabwean slang meaning car.
hey wheres my g?
Check out the spoiler on that g!
by beast March 13, 2005
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