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Old, senile, and talks aload of shit. Bases facts purely on what he makes up from his head. And calls people stupid if they disgree with him, when he is clearly in the wrong, especially when discussing cruiserweights

Cannot type for shit and thinks he is god, when infact he's only a condescending, big headed prick, who posts nothing but crap.

Also: Redefines jobber.
~ ~ ~

"They focused on the X-Division and that brought in vrap ratings. They recently have brought in big men and the ratings are up slightly."

"If rating were so crap, then why on earth would they continue to push the X-division over the heavyweight division for 2 more years? They haven't brought in big men, they've brought in established stars in the industry, and in some cases such as Piper and Savage, they brought in legends."

"Banzai your clearly one of the stupidest humans I have ever met."
by Banzai November 21, 2004
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Member of smash who spams the place to fuck.
Geku...Fuck off you spamming bastard!
by Banzai November 23, 2003
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Chris/Rock Bottom/Homeslice/NedBoy
Chris is going to become a Superhero soon, and he is going to drive a Vauxhall Nova.
by Banzai June 09, 2004
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this show on fox where silly americans make bets on male activities such as stealing or racing 2 year olds
I saw some crapy banzai japanese show
by banzai July 27, 2003
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